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The benefits of being in green spaces...

  • Lowered blood pressure, lower blood cortisol after 30 minutes in green spaces, recommended 'dose' of 120 minutes a week in green spaces leading to higher levels of self reported wellbeing and peace

  • Improved sense of agency, improved physical health, improved sense of connection to nature (and, by extension, increased desire to look after nature)

  • Activities in nature now starting to be prescribed by GP's; some research suggesting that green space activities have an effect size at least as big as those caused by antidepressants

My experiences and hopes...

  • I became an avid hillwalker as part of my rehabilitation from surgery to repair a badly damaged knee and also as part of my recovery from a bad relationship break up in 2008. Armed with very little clue and a leaky backpack, hillwalking and time in green spaces has become a huge part of my identity and self care regimen.

  • I've been lucky enough to set foot on some high summits like Kilimanjiaro, Mount Toubkal, Mount Kinabalu and various peaks in the Alps, as well as spending countless hours in the Peak District, Snowdonia and the Lake District in the UK. I've undertaken the National Navigation Awards scheme silver Award in 2014 and am working towards qualifying as a Hill and Moorland Leader.

  • My hope? To share green space environments and all that they have to offer with you on wellbeing walks that will help add walking in and experiencing nature as part of your 'tool kit' for better mental health.

  • Prices are available via discussion via email.


The author, Climbing in Wales, near Tryfan

Summit of the Gran Paradiso, Italy (4061m)

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